Useful Links

Please use the links below to find sources for thousands of additional MIDI files, tips on learning music and sources of piano concerto files.

Pedagogical MIDI Files Optimized for Home Concert Xtreme

Well known performing artist and piano pedagogue, Paul Sheftel, has published a number of music books for which MIDI files are available. You find Twenty Eight-Measure Etudes of Carl Czerny, Personal Trainer, Modules and Preludes, Interludes and a Postlude at YBK Publishers. Many of Paul's MIDI files are bundled with Home Concert Xtreme and the others are available from


Classical Music Archives

The Classical Music Archives are of special interest to many of our customers. On this site, you can find close to 20,000 high-quality, classical MIDI files, most of which can be used with Home Concert Xtreme.


Resources for Teachers 

Looking for online games for your students? Chris Hermanson's flash-based games are popular. They can be played on Mac or Windows, right from your web browser. Visit the Music Learning Community to find out more.

Commercial Piano Concerto MIDI Files 

Alfred Publishing Company: The Heart of the Concerto, arranged by Kenon Renfrow Concertino in D Major by Dennis Alexander

Invisible Touch Music: This company has at least a dozen files, not all of which are available from their website. The keyboard parts are all in a single track.

Heritage Music Press, a division of the Lorenz Corporation: Walter and Carol Noona have composed 3 easy concertos for young pianists, complete with compatible MIDI files.


Links to Free Piano Concerto MIDI Files 

We have scoured the internet for links to legally downloadable, high-quality, free piano concerto MIDI files. Click here to view a comprehensive list of sources. 

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