SoundStart Starter

The SoundStart Starter Pack for Music Educators

For a limited period of time, the starter pack is being offered to music educators as a free resource. The starter pack includes the following:

Home Concert Xtreme Special Edition (SE): This is a special edition of Home Concert Xtreme that works exclusively with MIDI files created by Paul Sheftel and published by SoundStart. 

Classroom Maestro Lite: This is an introductory version of Classroom Maestro that includes an electronic flashcard function, enabling you to demonstrate the relationship between notes on a piano keyboard and pitches on a musical staff.

SoundStart Sample MIDI Files: The collection consists of files created by Paul Sheftel and his colleagues:

  • Music Pathways (Carl Fischer) Level A - Discoveries and Solos
  • The Complete Personal Trainer Level 1
  • Samples from Declarations of Independence (Fifths)
  • Samples from Etudes Brutus (Quite Contrary)
  • Samples from Classics Revisited (13 pieces)

Improvisation Guidelines for Music Pathways

NOTE: The printed materials for Personal Trainer are available for sale at YBK Publishers.

Download Links:


Introduction to the Starter Pack, hosted by Paul Sheftel

Part 1: Paul Sheftel introduces the musical materials (MIDI and PDF files) contained in the Starter Pack and explains how to use them pedagogically

Part 2: Paul continues his explanation of the pedagogical aspects

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