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Creative Piano Teaching
by James Lyke, Geoffrey Haydon and Catherine Rollin, 2011.
Stipes Publishing
ISBN 978-1-60904-054-3 
List Price: $68.80





We are delighted to announce our inclusion in the new and expanded 4th edition of Creative Piano Teaching. The book is intended for piano pedagogy students and the independent piano teacher. 

George Litterst, Zenph’s Director of Software Product Management contributes a chapter discussing how new technology can enhance piano pedagogy. The previous edition of this book won James Lyke the Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award at the 2004 MTNA convention. The book's many contributing authors address topics such as establishing a teaching practice, composing, technology, entreprenuership, fingering, practicing, developing technique, pedaling and performance.  

In George's own words, “…using technology in a lesson for its own sake is a bad idea. There needs to be a purpose. The focus should be on the musical result, the technology should recede into the background.”

The book is available from or from the Stipes Publishing website.


Supplement your SoundStart Starter Pack with a Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer: A Keyboard Musicianship Enrichment Program

by Paul Sheftel and Phyllis Lehrer

YBK Publishers Inc.

ISBN: 978-1936411016

List Price: $15.95



Volume 1 of Personal Trainer: A Keyboard Musicianship Enrichment Program is the first book in a training program offering musical workouts and enrichment activities for piano students of many ages and skill levels. The overall structure consists of five books, each containing four sections dealing with specific issues. The four sections are entitled Explorations, Eye-So-Metrics, Fondations and Repertoire. The book is available from and from YBK Publishers.

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