Academic Pricing

We offer a number of pricing options for music educators, students, teachers and institutional buyers. Please click here to contact us for a quote or if you would like to receive further details on any of the following pricing options.

Site Licenses (10 or more users)

We offer site licenses at substantial discounts for purchases of 10 or more copies of our software. Site licenses are intended for use within the purchasing organization only. This option is best suited for music education businesses, institutions and clinics with a large number of users located in the same or at multiple locations.

Lab Pack (5 users)

We also offer a specially discounted 5-user, 'lab pack'. This option is best suited for smaller establishments. 

The Zenph Academic Software Bundle (universities, colleges & conservatories)

Many colleges and universities now require students to purchase a laptop computer and specially designated packages of software that are required for their courses and other academic pursuits. To meet the needs of college music students, Zenph Sound Innovations now offers the Zenph Academic Music Software Bundle. 

The Zenph Academic Music Software Bundle consists of four software programs that meet a variety of needs of pianists, singers, instrumentalists, composers, and music education students. The bundle includes Home Concert Xtreme, Classroom Maestro, Internet MIDI and our soon-to-be-released Re-Performance Editor.

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