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Hello and welcome to the Zenph Academic Resources Page - the future of music practice and performance.

In this day and age, the competition for the best music students often comes down to who has the best technology, tools and teaching techniques to prepare students for the 21st century. Forward-thinking music programs at colleges, conservatories and universities are increasingly deploying Disklavier Pros to achieve great success in their piano curricula. Award-winning Zenph products, such as Home Concert Xtreme (winner of the 2010 Frances Clark Award for Keyboard Pedagogy), Internet MIDI, Classroom Maestro and RePerform provide pianists, students and teachers with cutting-edge solutions that use Zenph's nuanced understanding of data that describes precisely how musicians play.

We currently offer the following resources for music educators, musicians and students seeking to enhance their musical capabilities through the use of technology:

The Zenph Piano Pedagogy Technology Project Guide: A must-have for college piano pedagogy instructors who teach or supervise the work of students in the area of piano pedagogy. Click here to learn more about this valuable resource.

The SoundStart Starter Pack for Music Educators: This is a special bundle of software and MIDI files (by Paul Sheftel) designed for music educators. Click here to download the starter pack and access tutorials, videos and other resources to help you get started.

Academic Pricing Options: We offer special academic pricing options and site licenses on all our products for music educators, educational institutions and students. Click here to send us a query.

Internet MIDI at the Intel Visionary Conference 2010: Click here to watch a long-distance performance and teaching demonstration using Zenph's Internet MIDI software.

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