Oscar Peterson - Unmistakable

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Previously unreleased gems from the height of Oscar's career, courtesy of the Peterson Estate and brought to life by Zenph re-performance technology.

Oscar Peterson (Piano)
Recorded: 2010, Abbey Road Studio Two, London, England
Released: 2011, Sony Masterworks

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Oscar Peterson - Unmistakable

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Oscar Peterson: Unmistakable is a collection of re-performances created from unreleased recordings Peterson made during the seventies and eighties.  The re-performances capture the renowned jazz pianist playing at the height of his powers with some tracks never-before-heard by the public.


The process began with Peterson himself in March 2007: after having heard about the technology, Peterson invited the Zenph team to his home to play examples of their work. A lifelong technology buff, Peterson understood and was enthusiastic about the implications of the Zenph technology on his legacy. 


To create the Peterson re-performances, the Zenph team began with video recordings and several unreleased, private recordings of exceptional performances.  Recorded in Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios in London, the Zenph team used a specially-outfitted Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand piano (Peterson was a Bösendorfer artist) to authentically recreate the distinct sounds of Peterson’s artistry. Released on Sony Masterworks, Oscar Peterson: Unmistakable extends the acclaimed technological breakthrough featured in prior Sony/Zenph releases of Glenn Gould, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Art Tatum

Recording at Abbey Road

The Album Production, Hi-Fi News Article

inaural Recording


The Unmistakable Production Team

Critical Reviews

New York Times, Nate Chinen
"The recording quality is gorgeous, in concert and binaural mixes, and the playing is true enough to Peterson’s crisp, dazzling style to make you forget this is an unmanned flight. Which would seem to be the point." more>>

Philadelphia Inquirer
Jonathan Takiff
"...we get all that terrific Peterson drama delivered with state-of-the-art sound.” more>>

, Ken Dryden
“adds a brilliant, posthumous chapter [to Peterson’s huge recorded legacy].” more>>

Jazz Times
, Colin Fleming
“But there's no faulting the full-on purity of the sound quality - you rarely hear music this clean - and how it successfully enhances Peterson's performance, which is about as tour-de-force as tour-de-force gets.” more>>

Feature Stories

WNYC-FM Soundcheck, "Jazz for Justice" 10/05/11
Listen to the story here. Zenph CEO John Q Walker talks to Soundcheck about the authenticity of bringing Oscar back to the studio without his physical presence. 

The National Post (Toronto), "Player's Piano" Mike Doherty 10/04/11
"When Kelly Peterson walked in, she recalls, 'I burst into goosebumps and tears, because it is so real, and it's very different from listening to a recording.'" more>>

Hi-Fi News, "Ghost in the machine..." Andy Rye 11/2010
"For perhaps the first time, listeners will hear the expressiveness in Peterson's playing uncompromised by either the background bustle of a live audience or any limitations in the recording technology." more>>


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