Gershwin Plays


Imagine sitting in the audience and hearing George Gershwin himself play his Rhapsody in Blue, with orchestra.  His touch, his nuance, his pedaling, his sheer élan, just as he performed it in 1924.

Join the Dallas Wind Symphony the evening of February 14 for the world-premiere of Zenph’s re-performance® of Gershwin playing Rhapsody in Blue.  The Zenph team started with the 78rpm records he made in June 1924 and discovered how Gershwin played every note and pedal. 

A nine-foot concert grand piano on stage plays each note precisely, and, in addition, the output is connected to Zenph’s ground-breaking software, HCX, so the conductor and symphony can play together with Gershwin in ensemble.  No headphones, no click-track, another true breakthrough in music technology by Zenph.

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