Teaming Up To Discover New Talent

Who are the next Glenn Goulds and Sergei Rachmaninoffs? The Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition intends to find out. Since 2002, the organization has scoured the world to find budding piano phenoms. We have supported this important competition for many years and are proud to continue our sponsorship. The “e” in the name of the competition refers to the focus on Internet and Yamaha Disklavier Pro technologies. Young pianists flock to seven cities around the world where Yamaha Disklavier Pro pianos and video cameras are set up to capture their auditions as high-resolution MIDI files synchronized with the video. Those files are sent to a preliminary round of judges who then critique their performance. The very best performers are flown to Minnesota to give live competition performances at Hamline University in St. Paul, July 2-8. Zenph processes all these piano files with our unique RePerform™ software, and we will ultimately offer a searchable database where the public can download the e-competition files.

Additionally, Zenph will be making a presentation during the festival. In The Room With A Genius: An Oscar Peterson Re-Performance will be held from 6:30-7:30 pm on July 7 at Sundin Music Hall at Hamline University. For more information click here.

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