Art Tatum

Art Tatum: The Musician's Musician
Art Tatum has been called one of the piano geniuses of all time, in any genre. Yet his legacy is often overlooked. Read more.

Piano Starts Here – The Young Art Tatum  by Robert Andrew Parker
Children’s illustrator and author Robert Andrew Parker (age 80) is a long-time fan of Art Tatum and his music, and was fortunate enough to see him perform live on 52nd Street in 1946. Parker actually did the cover artwork for Columbia's original LP of Tatum “Piano Starts Here.” Now, decades later, Parker’s “ Piano Starts Here art has morphed into an educational and literary tribute to Tatum. The book is a beautifully-crafted children’s book published by Random House. illustrating Tatum’s world and Tatum’s insight. In the world of Art Tatum, dark and light didn’t matter– what did matter were the smells, like corn bread baking in the over and the sounds, like the tinkle of piano keys. Parker’s book adds a unique visual into Tatum’s life; librarians and grade school teachers nationwide are recommending the book highly.

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